Friday, December 5, 2008

David Oldfield to Jim Ball

David Oldfield to Jim Ball

Further to David Oldfield and Jim Ball, 2UE became the lowest rating radio recently. Luckily for 2UE they hired Jim Ball to increase their ratings because Arab and Muslim bashing is the most popular sport in town. Thoroughly zionised and bigoted Jim is good at Arab and Muslim bashing under the guise of free speech. However, that so called free speech goes to hell should anyone point out Zio_Nazi war crimes and the genocide continuum in the longest running concentration camp known to mankind. Probably that’s why all of you are scared like a poodle and never say a word about those issues. Anyway, I was compelled to send the David Oldfield email to you earlier. Since then we spoke and you have shown enough respect towards my point of view or I noticed that you are trying to improve your understanding. Lately, you are ignoring my phone calls as well as you are saying many prejudicial things on air. Therefore, I smell a rat and decided to forward this email to you.

Proverbs say, “a person who does not know his/her father – does not talk to others”. This could apply to you and Jim Ball as both of you do hide behind telephonist and four walls and then incite racism and sectarianism based on totally false and fabricated reasons and grounds.

For example, Muslims are not attacking Christian or Jewish fathers for molesting their own children. No one criticised non-Muslims for having too many drug addict children, derailed prostitutes or the many sunk in the ocean dysfunctional families and many other dreadful things.

Now, why do you have to continue your cowardly attacks without providing a right of reply as demonstrated many times like tonight! Lately, no one answers the phone when I ring your switch using my own phone. However, when I use other people’s phone, your people pick up the phone quickly and with courtesy! Strange indeed!! Isn’t it?

Faruque Ahmed
Free America Now
Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email:

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